3 Ways to Protect Your Flooring from Furniture

Whether you’re rearranging to make room for the Christmas tree or just installed new flooring, wear and tear from your furniture can harm your floors. However, with the right protective methods, you can keep your floors looking brand new for a long time!  

  1. Use moving pads and carpet protectors. 

Sliding furniture around on your floor can leave nasty marks, snags and dents. Be sure to transport furniture with moving pads and take advantage of carpet protectors that will stand strong against any possible rips.  

  1. Stick on some furniture pads. 

Furniture pads come in all shapes and sizes, and are ideal for hardwood floors. Felt pads allow you to slide your furniture around with ease, but there are also non-slip plastic alternatives if you want to limit furniture movement across your floor.   

  1. Get a plastic mat. 

Plastic mats remove any possibility of scratches or snags on hardwood floors and carpet. Whether you opt to have one in your home office or at your entryway, plastic mats are a great preventative solution for floor damage. 

Has furniture damaged your flooring? 

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