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Hardwood Flooring Installation in Indianapolis, IN

Hardwood flooring is always an excellent choice for any home. This timeless, easy-to-clean and durable style of flooring is a great long-term investment that increases ROI and enhances the overall look of your home. With hundreds of hardwood flooring options available in our store, we’re confident we’ll have the perfect choice for your home.

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Frequently Asked Hardwood Questions

Still have some unresolved questions? We’ve got you covered.
Yes, but only if the flooring is engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood floors should not be installed below grade. Excessive moisture that typically accumulates in basements will cause the flooring to contract and expand.
Engineered hardwood has the appearance of solid hardwood on the surface, but is made from a relatively thin layer of hardwood veneer bonded over a substrate, which has several layers of high-quality plywood. These layers allow the plank to be less effected by moisture, and more dimensionally stable. If a wood plank is wider than 5 or 6” it would most likely be engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is ideal for areas involving moisture such as kitchens, basements and bathrooms if you are looking for the solid hardwood look.
Establish a consistent cleaning routine recommended by the manufacturer of your hardwood flooring. Use a cleaner specifically formulated for hardwoods, using rugs and adding protective elements to your furniture are all ways to preserve the life of your hardwood. Hardwoods require any spills or water to be cleaned up quickly, since it will be affected by moisture. It’s not recommended to use a steam mop on hardwood floors.
Hardwood is a natural product that cannot be controlled like other types of flooring. All grades of hardwood have some color variations present, but some types may be more noticeable than others. Also, over many years, direct sunlight can cause the finish on the floors to lighten.

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At Brewer Custom Floors & More, we work hard to maximize your dollar so you can have new hardwood flooring at an affordable rate. As soon as you choose your desired hardwood from our vast selection of samples, we’ll order materials and schedule your installation right away. Our team will work efficiently to ensure installation doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day life so you can enjoy your new flooring as soon as possible.