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Ceramic Tile Installation in Indianapolis, IN

Practical, functional and beautiful, ceramic tile is a great waterproof and scratch-resistant flooring and backsplash option for homeowners who want a low-maintenance and affordable upgrade. Ceramic tile is also cost effective and environmentally friendly. With hundreds of styles and types of ceramic tile available in our store, we’re confident we’ll have the perfect choice for your home.

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Frequently Asked Ceramic Tile Questions

Still have some unresolved questions? We’ve got you covered.
Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both made of a mineral-rich clay body that is fired at a high temperature to increase stability. Porcelain is traditionally high fired, which makes it harder and more durable than regular ceramic. Porcelain is also waterproof, but ceramic is less resistant to moisture so it is limited on use in wet areas and “submerged” applications.
Yes, but keep the purpose and function of each space in mind when choosing tiles. For example, areas exposed to water need textured or non-slip tiles. Overall, most customers choose a matte or textured tile on a bathroom floor for slip resistance. Combining different types of tiles can create a stunning and dramatic effect. In many cases, especially in bathroom tile designs, you will see different types of tiles used together to create a custom design.
Yes. Actually, Ceramic tile is MOSTLY used on walls, backsplashes and beyond! But it isn’t always used for flooring applications. You will find most floor-rated tile is often porcelain due to its superior strength. Interested in learning the possibilities that ceramic tile provides? Contact us for more information!
No. Ceramic tiles are too porous and absorb water, so they should not be used outside. They can become damaged during freeze/thaw conditions as water expands and contracts.

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High-Quality Ceramic Tile with Fast Installation

At Brewer Custom Floors & More, we work hard to maximize your dollar so you can have new ceramic tile at an affordable rate. As soon as you choose your desired design from our vast selection of samples, we’ll order materials and schedule your installation right away. Our team will work efficiently to ensure installation doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day life so you can enjoy your new flooring as soon as possible.